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How To Roll The Perfect Joint

 rolling paper

What is rolling paper?

Rolling paper is a specialty paper used for making cigarettes. Rolling papers are packs of several cigarette-size sheets, often folded inside a cardboard wrapper. They are also known as “blanks”, “joint paper”, or “cigarette paper”, which are used to encase cannabis. Rolling papers are used for rolling cannabis cigarettes called joints.

cigarette paper

How to roll a joint with rolling paper?

First, you need to grind up your cannabis into fine flakes. A good grinder can make your dry herbs or weed consistently in size. In this way, you can get the texture you’re going for.

weed grinder

Next, make a filter, then you should pull off a trip and start with the short end. If you’re using Puffing Bird papers, start with the edge of the tip, that has the perforations. Gently fold over the edge, as small as you can, about 1/16” is perfect. Keep rolling up the tip as tightly as possible with the edges aligned so that you have a nice, straight tube.

 rolling paper

A Friendly Reminder: Filters are key. They can give you a smoother smoke and keep any herb from getting in your mouth.

If you don’t use a cigarette holder, they keep your fingers away from any flames. Next, lay your rolling paper on your rolling tray. If you have a rolling tray from Puffing Bird, put the crease of the paper in the dip of the rolling tray to make your rolling easier.

Make sure the adhesive strip is facing up-look for the edge that has a little more sheen.

Here’s a pro tip: as long as the dip in your paper is in the dip of the tray, the adhesive on your Puffing Bird rolling papers will be facing up. Place the filter so its edge is aligned with the edges of the paper and the tray. Hold it in place with your thumb, evenly sprinkle your ground cannabis down the crease of the paper and leave about a fingernail length of room at the non-filter end.

Now for the delicate part. Roll the paper side to side, between your fingers to even out your herb. Then, pinch the paper at the filter end, tucking in the non-adhesive side first. Continue to pinch the filter end and fold the paper over itself as you roll the paper into a cylinder and work your way to the other end. Smooth out any wrinkles, until it’s completely rolled.

Then wet or lick the adhesive and press it into place.

wet or lick rolling paper

Use a bobby pin or a tamping stick to press down your mix through the open, just lightly so the air flow is still good. Twist the paper to close the lighting end. Finally, admire your fabulous handiwork, light the twisted end, then enjoy it!

roll a joint

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