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Up In Smoke is a vape shop in Lake Mary, Florida.

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You may know about a series of stashbox stories if you are a stoner. Or, if you aren’t that familiar with keeping all your goods in one place, or maybe you’re new to smoking and have never heard of such a thing, allow us to blow your mind. A weed stash box is a mysterious existence that you can safely trust with your smoking accessories.

Since you’re smoking for a while, you will inevitably find that you need more and more accessories. If you are not very good at organizing things in your life and do not organize them regularly, your desk or somewhere will become disorganized, so that you can’t find them when you need them.



This is where the importance of the marijuana stash box comes in. Depending on which stash box locking system you choose, you have the option of using a combination lock box for entry, or your very own fingerprint. To have all your weed needs in one place and a stash box that opens only for you is what makes the best stash box a must-have.

Unlock the box, remove the rolling tray, lay out all your rolling necessities, and begin rolling up.



First, a good weed storage box must have an appearance that can be very attractive, followed by function and design. Furthermore, a high-quality 420 stash box is equipped with a proper security lock stash box system, to keep others out. To have all these functions is not difficult.



There are held a variety of outdoor music festivals in the United States in different months of each year. Such as Coachella, Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and so on. Come on, it’s time to dab! Trust me, you certainly want to get higher with your friend on that occasion. Don’t be shy, show off your new stash box combo to everyone.

When you take out your weed box in front of everyone’s attention, you must be getting those oohs and ahhs that your friends around you. After all, it’s a rule that some people always forget to pack, they might want something that has been forgotten at home and you just took it.

As a smoker, you must know, that light and air are the natural enemies of perfectly preserved cannabis flowers. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a moisture-proof storage box. This lock stash combo kit has come from the Puffing Bird, the reason why we recommend that it does not look fancy, and it is matched with other smoking accessories, which extremely meets the daily needs of stoner. What’s included? An aluminum herb grinder, UV metal jar, and bamboo rolling tray, glass pipe, quartz banger, we think it’s a good value for money.

stash box bundle

To have a humidor that has all the compartments to keep you well organized is a great way to tell if a weed stash box is of high quality. With add-ons like humidity lock jars and a zinc alloy grinder, you can be sure you are purchasing a high-quality locking stash box bundle for cannabis.

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