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US 40 Vapor Shop is a vape shop in Plainfield, Indiana.

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Find your favorite stash box online in 2022

Who doesn't love a good stash box? Whether you want a luxury stash box or prefer the smell-proof options, we've perfectly put together the ultimate guide here!

 stash box

There is kind of marijuana storage boxes we'd picked for you.

A Well Designed Weed Stash Box Is Stoner's Best Friend

Cool stash boxes of various types from locking stash boxes, smell-proof stash boxes, high-end stash boxes, stash boxes with rolling trays, to wooden stash boxes and everything in between. 

A stash box has a few very important roles. If you don't store your cannabis properly you will be subject to mold growth. A weed stash box helps maintain healthy cannabis shelf life. If you are new to cannabis and it's your first time smoking, the ultimate guide as below may help you to get started.

Choose the correct container. Ditch plastic baggies and containers. Plastic holds static that can affect delicate trichomes -- the tiny, crystal-like hairs on flowers that produce cannabinoids and terpenes -- and mess with potency. And forget those funny little tins, too, because they let in too much oxygen. Glass jars with an airtight seal, like mason jars, are the way to go. They don't have any static charge and limit oxygen exposure. Plus, they're inexpensive and easy to find. Most dispensaries also sell containers designed to keep weed fresh for as long as possible. If you have kids or pets in your household, invest in a child- and pet-proof container.

Watch the humidity. Weed is best kept at a relative humidity of 59 to 63 percent. Any higher and you run the risk of trapping moisture, which can lead to the growth of mold. Anything lower can cause your weed to dry out. To help you preserve your stash, you can add humidity packs to your containers if you really want to get fancy. You can also go the extra mile and store your weed in a humidor made specifically for cannabis.

The bottom line. Weed shouldn't go bad if you store it properly. By keeping it in a sealed container away from heat, moisture, and sunlight, it should stay fresh and potent for up to a year.

Keep it cool, dark, and dry. Keeping weed in a cool and dry spot away from sunlight is as important as the container you use, if not more so. Direct sunlight can cause cannabis to break down, and too much heat can hold moisture and lead to mold. Keeping it somewhere too chilly, on the other hand, could dry it out and lose those precious trichomes, which is why the fridge and freezer aren't recommended. Aim to store cannabis in a dark place, like a closet or cabinet, with a temperature below 77°F (25°C).

Looking for the best smell-proof stash box?

bamboo stash box

These do a great job of keeping the odor inside the box! 100% bamboo wooden box beautifully handcrafted. An extra-thick wooden board to strengthen its durability. The inner compartment board can be flexibly disassembled, and the box lid can be opened 90-degree for easy access to the inner items. You have no reason to refuse it.

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