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Rick's Smoke Shop #1 is a vape shop in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Rick's Smoke Shop #1
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How To Roll A 1 1/4 Joint

As well as hookah, most smokers would prefer the original cigarette as an alternative. If you’re thinking of trying to roll a joint, but don’t know how to use them. Let’s go!

First of all, you need to get some one and a quarter papers. Of course, you can pick some white rolling paper from Puffing Bird. Or, you can use whatever you can get at your corner store it'll work just fine.

roling papers

Next, you need some sort of cardboard to use as a crutch at the beginning of your joint so that none of the flour will get pulled into your mouth as you smoke. There is a beautiful pack of Hornet natural hemp cotton rolling tips just little pieces of cardboard you could rip off absolutely perfect.

filter tipIn addition to the above two things, and we need a sharp grinder. Using a good grinder can do more with less. Then, you also need a packer something to pack the joint when you're done just to make sure that you don't have too many holes in there so that is burns properly in this case we just use an old pen that no longer works and last but definitely not least we need a flower your favorite.

This step is particularly important.

Step one with our cut is to fold it down once bohm fold it backwards once born.

fold a crutch

so we have a little zigzag there

rolling paperroll a joint

and then one last time forward so that we have three little folds little accordion there.

roll a joint

and then what we're gonna do is continue the roll with that on the inside, so that around it is the nice circular cut that we're used to, but on the inside, we have a nice zig-zag that nothing will come into our mouth when we're smoking. You can see the zig-zags in the middle adding a little extra structure to it to make sure when pulling no matter how tight you pull or strong you pull nothing's gonna come in there. This is where we finish the first step.

rolling papers

Put the cut down and we're gonna grind our marijuana. We're gonna open our grinder, dump in just as much as you need, dump all that in our grinder give it few good turns and that's our flower ready to be rolled.

weed grinder

Take your rolling paper and lay the ground powder on the paper in small amounts and several times, slowly roll it in. Remember this process in a little slow and don't rush. Once you're done rolling it, screw it up on the open section and you're done.

rolling paper

Enjoy with your friends or by yourself!

rolling papers

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