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How To Use Various Types of Glass Bong

(With Best Glass Bongs Recommendation 2022)


Did you know that nearly 160 million people around the world smoke marijuana, and if you also use bongs to smoke, don’t worry, you are not alone.

smoking marijuana


A bong is commonly defined as a device, generally used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or a myriad of other herbal substances. Some people said that the word “Bong” is said to have derived from a Thai word, “Baung” which means a cylindrical, wooden water pipe. Others say the word may have come from early water pipe discovery in Africa with the Bong’ om tribe. Historically, it is widely believed that marijuana was first brought to the United States by American soldiers stationed overseas in the 1960s. Since then, glassmakers have transformed the bong into a variety of shapes. With the passage of time and the innovation of craftsmanship, each bong has become like a delicate art.

different type of bongs

In this article, we’ll explain the details of different types of bongs and how to use them, at the end of this article we’ll include some of the most popular bongs on PuffingBird.com.

But first, we need to know “How A Bong Works”

Bongs usually work by cooling inhaled smoke through one or more chambers filled with water or ice. The more the smoke meets water, the cooler and smoother the smoke will be, and the better it will taste. While these devices vary in size, shape, and structural complexity, what they all have in common is a pleasant, refreshing smoking experience.

How Many Structures Does a Bong Consist of

It’s made up of several pieces.

consist of break bongs

  • Tube: the long, straight tube is essentially what defines a bong. These can vary in sizes from 8” on up.
  • Downstem: a tube that slides into the side of the bong and into the water. These may also be slotted at the base to create more bubbles.
  • Carb (Optional): a hole in the side of the base to create clean airflow and clear the tube
  • Bowl (Slide): placed at the opposite end of the downstems, this is where you place your raw flower
  • Percolator: a filter that creates bubbles in the water when smoke is drawn through the tube.

What Type of Bong Should I Get And What’s The Difference?

 We’re frequently asked these questions all the time. How do I choose the right bong for me? What features am I looking for?

Whatever you choose, you need to consider your actual needs before buying. Select between a bong for dry herbs and flowers, or for dabs and concentrates. There are a lot of factors to consider, but it is mostly up to preference. Every bong has different percolators or percs, which diffuse smoke differently. Most stoners search by looking at style and function, considering things such as:

  • Price
  • Size and Height
  • Material
  • Style
  • Percs

Type of Bongs

Puffing Bird has an excellent selection of bongs. Any style you want can be found on the site. Shop by perc or size to find your favorite bongs.

Beaker Bongs

Price Range: Less than $35.99

break bong

It is the most common type. The break bong is the most classic, with a wider base for greater stability. A beaker is stronger than a straight pipe.

This beaker base bong features eye-catching marijuana leaves on it. The sleek rim of the mouthpiece can prevent scratches on your mouth. The bong is made of durable borosilicate glass of the total bong so you don't need to worry if it breaks easily. The roomy beaker base of this water pipe allows the smoke to cool off and provides great stability as well.

This water pipe is 7.87"/20cm in high and weighs only around 118g, perfect water pipe for those looking for a daily convenient setup.

Another advantage of beakers is that they hold more water and more smoke in the base, allowing for larger, grander hits.

Recycler Bongs

Price Range: $35.99-$69.99

 recycle bong

Compared to a beaker or straight tube bongs, recycler bongs are often designed to be more complex, with pipes that link the bottom and top of the bongs. Thus, recycler bongs are harder to make so they are more expensive, but considering the functions and the looks of these bongs are truly exceptional, having a recycler bong in your glass collection will surely make it stand out!

This wax rig stands 8"/20cm tall and the base is around 4"/10cm wide, the black ball percolator that was placed in the middle of the dab rig is the most eye-catching feature when you light up a bowl of dry herb or vaporizing your cannabis concentrates you can observe as the smoke/vapor being a drag in through the 14mm female joint to the barrel-shaped cage percolator and bubbling up pass the ball percolator!

This dab rig is reasonably sized, and you can easily carry it around wherever you go, it will sit comfortably in the palm of your hand. A must-have item if you're into ball percolator dab rigs or bongs! It comes with a 14mm male glass bowl for flowers.

Bubbler Bongs

Price Range: Less than $49.99

bubbler bongs

Bubble bongs, also known as bubble bottom bongs, are the most common bongs next to classic beaker bongs and straight tube bongs. These water pipes usually come with a base, or directly at the flat end of the bubble base. The iconic look is eye-catching,

but also offers good versatility and an easy-to-maintain appearance. A crazy thick tube on the bubbler bottom bong is perfect for any smoker looking to increase water volume, filtration, and cooling of the smoke.

Silicone Bongs

Price Range: $35.99-65.99

silicone bongs

Silicone bong, I'm sure you're familiar with the "silicone". The silicone material is extremely high temperature, heat resistant, not easy to break, and very clean in daily life. So, compared to a traditional bong, they are gradually accepted and pursued by the public. As long as you take care of it, it can usually last you a whole year without worrying about damage at any time.


Straight tube bong

Price Range: $65.99-$120.99

straight tube bong

Straight tube bongs are simple and agile. Professional straight tube bongs are more scientific in design-- which means they are mostly made of thick transparent glass and can be designed with many different design elements. Such as curves, twists, flares, and more. Usually, the mouthpiece should align closely with the very center of the base of the bong.

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