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Smoke N Vape is a vape shop in Edmonds, Washington.

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What is a dab mat?

Dab mats, also called dab pads, are surface protection mats. It is usually made of silicone material and is typically a thin medical-grade silicone sheet varying in size, thickness, and shape which is used to da directly from, or as a mat to place all dabbing accessories on keeping the underlying surface clean.

Dab mats are an essential part of your dabbing setup and are also used ornamentally. Some of the dab mats designs with plenty of creativity and artistry behind, it can truly add to the ambiance of the overall dabbing experience. Silicone Dab Trays are significantly thicker and have a lip on the edge.

dab mat

What is a dab mat used for?

A mat made of non-stick material, often silicone, that can be placed underneath a rig when dabbing. It does a good job of keeping the rig in place and protecting the surface it touches. It also provides a place to manipulate sticky concentrates and rests dab tools.

Dabbing is not a secret for experienced smokers, who often buy an e-cigarette, glass bong, and other reclaim cathcers along with the dab mat, which is cheap and durable. When starting off without much experience, your desktop can be very confusing. Since you use more tools or marijuana while smoking, where you might end up with some waxy residue, debris, and water, which can be annoying to treat surfaces. At this time, a dab mat is here to take care of those problems. Using a Silicone mat not only keeps the underlying surface area clean but also designates an area for your accessories, keeping everything nice and neat in one area.

What is the purpose of a dab mat?

A dab mat is also known as a dab pad. Here is the multitude of purposes and functions it provides:

  • Cleanliness: One of its main functions is to keep your surface clean. As we all know, concentrate, water, and debris can fall off nails or dab tools onto your surface which can be painful, but not anymore.
  • Heat Resistant: One of the main reasons dab mats are made of silicone is because silicone can withstand extreme heat. This eliminates any worries you would have about your rig getting too hot or damaging the surface if you were to accidentally drop very hot concentrates on it. Silicone can still melt, typically around 840 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Stability: Being that dab mats are made of silicone, they provide a non-slip surface for your rig, preventing it from tipping over spiling and possibly breaking.
  • Easy to clean: The dab mat’s silicone non-porous and smooth material makes it really simple to clean. You can use traditional concentrate cleaners like Formula 710 or just run it under extremely hot water with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol. You can even throw it into the dishwasher.
  • Designates an area: Dab mats help designate an area for your accessories, keeping everything nice and neat in one area.

Different kinds of dab mats

dab mat different size

  • Size: Dab mats come in all different sizes, and shapes ranging from really small ones where you can fit just a small rig, nectar collector, or dab tools, to really large ones, allowing more surface area to be covered. A dab mat of sufficient size to fit your current setup including accessories is recommended.
  • Shape: Just like so many different rig shapes, from the square, to round, to rectangular, to hexagonal, dab mats also vary drastically in their shapes. It comes down to how much functional area you want the mat to have your aesthetic preference, and the available area you have to place the mat.
  • Design: It’s the most exciting part of dab mats. As time is passing more and more artists are applying their artistic skills in making creative designs, truly adding to the ambiance of your dabbing area.

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