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Galaxy Vapor is a vape shop in Everett, Washington.

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Something You Should Know About with Rolling Papers

Material Matters:

The rolling papers are made out of hemp, wood pulp, or rice. Different material has different benefits. For example, if you live in a humid climate in the Pacific Northwest, you might stay away from cigarette papers, as the damp air and moisture can make them harder to roll. Hemp papers are thicker and easier to roll and have a medium burn time, while rice paper burns the slowest.

The Thinner, The Better

Paper is thinner, it burns more slowly and evenly. In addition, thinner paper can magnify the flavor of your flowers and make them taste more intense. Because you don’t inhale as much cigarette paper. Check to see if your favorite brands have an ultra-thin option, but buyer beware: they are harder to roll than the hemp option.

Grab a Crutch

While you’re out snagging papers, grab a pack of crutches as well. Crutches give the joint some stability (both when rolling and when you’re passing it around) and are easy to create.

Don’t be Afraid to Ball Out

With the narrow price margin between low-and high-quality papers, so it’s worth paying a little extra. After all, low-grade paper causes coughing, is harder to handle, and burns faster, most importantly if you don’t want to waste your good weed.

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