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How to Clean Glass Bong

glass bong

How long has it been since you cleaned out your bongs? Have they been left lying around somewhere, no longer see-through and filled with grease when you were ready to use them?

glass bongs

It's time for a major clean. Your lings will thank you for it!

Nothing beats smoking weed from a new brand bong. Your new glass bongs glisten on the coffee table before you sight to behold. But after a while, the transparent piece of art is covered in a cloud of tar. It doesn't not a big deal if you use it for a few days, but after a few weeks, it starts to look ugly, and you're constantly spending money on more and more new glass pieces.

In this article, we'll discuss why it's crucial to keep smoking appliances shiny and clean. Then, we'll talk about the best ways to clean them.

Why Keeping Smoking Accessories Clean Is So Important

  1. There are a bunch of reasons to keep your smoking gear clean at all times. Regularly cleaning your smoking gear will also lead to better tasting hits.
  2. Anyone who smokes knows how much time and experience it takes to produce high-quality cannabis, something that takes skill and patience to cultivate. Not cleaning regularly will waste these exquisite tastes by smoking with a dirty bong.

Be aware that not only will a dirty bong ruin the flavor, but the buildup of tar and resin can irritate your throat. Overall, cleaner equipment makes for a more pleasant smoking experience.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bong?

How often you clean your smoking gear should depend on how frequently you use it. The tar and resin will build up quickly if you reheat the bowl every day, and the residue will take longer to build up if you use the bong once a week. Clean your equipment as often as possible. After each smoke, rinse your pipe quickly to remove some of the tar and resin. When the buildup starts getting severe, it's time to give your gear a proper clean.

What Is Your Bong Made Of?

Different materials require different cleaning methods.

Glass Bong

glass bong

Generally speaking, glass bongs are made of glass by high-temperature heating and casting, forming a variety of shapes.  As beautiful as they all look, they are also the most vulnerable to damage. For this type of bong, there are options to use alcohol and non-alcohol methods to effectively clean the glass.

Silicone Bong

silicone bong

This is the easiest to clean, and its components are heat-resistant and cold-resistant, so you don't have to think too much when cleaning this type of bong.

How to Clean The Bong?

Now that you know what to avoid, let's get some cleaning done. Cleaning out your piece is an easy step-by-step process. To begin, you'll need to gather and following items.


  1. Cleaning brushes/pipe cleaners
  2. Scraper/knife
  3. Plastic tub
  4. Cotton swabs
  5. Ziplock bag
  6. Micropore tape


Alcohol-free methods are effective at removing ash, tar, and grime.




    1. Use a cotton swab to remove residue from the bowl. You may need to use a spatula if things get too sticky.
    2. clean the bongsRinse the bong with warm water over the sink.clean your bongs
    3. Remove the bowl and place it into a ziplock bag. Add a teaspoon of baking soda, a little vinegar, and fill the bong halfway with warm water.

best list of the bongs

  1. Shake the bag, then let it rest.
  2. Now, back to the bong. Empty a teaspoon of baking soda into the mouthpiece. Cover the mouthpiece with your hand and the downstem hole with micropore tape; shake vigorously.
  3. The backing soda will stick to the wet surface inside. Scrub inner surfaces with a long cleaning brush.
  4. Next, put in a tablespoon of vinegar and fill up the chamber with luck warm water.
  5. Cover the holes again and shake.
  6. Pour out the solution and rinse the bong with lukewarm water.
  7. Remove the bowl from the Ziplock bag and rinse under the tap. Use a cotton swab to remove any sticky remnants.

Cleaning Bong Stems And Other Hard-To-Reach Places

It's important to thoroughly clean bowls, downstems, and other hard-to-reach places. Although we mentioned it above, it's worth repeating; you might get caught out by hidden residue. Disassemble your piece (if possible) before cleaning, and go to work with a brush and pipe cleaners to make sure your pipe or bong will provide clean and smooth hits.

Is It Time For A Smoke Yet?

glass bong

Okay, when your gear is washed and dried, it's time to start! Do you think it's worth taking a small amount of time to thoroughly clean your bong? Next, clean your bong as regularly as possible. It's easy to clean the bong after one or two, just a light rinse. If you let it pile up, you'll have to do a full cleaning all over again or you may buy other new brand bongs.

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